TVC provides 3 eminent services: 

  • TRADE AND TRANSPORT: trade services of premium products from Thailand and Vietnam 
  • VERNACULAR LANGUAGES: high-quality interpretation and translation between regional languages
  •  CONSULTANCY: informative and committed assistance to businesses and individuals


ภาษาไทย                            Tiếng Việt



TVC provides support to investors and entrepreneurs from Thailand and Vietnam to explore the market, set up a company or open office/branches, acquire certifications, and achieve business ventures in both countries.

For the past time, TVC, in cooperation with trusted local companies, helped investors register their business; support to acquire a certification of health and safety, import-export certification; assist accounting and auditing services, proceed with visa and work permits for company staff, opened office or branches, provide legal consultancy, civilian support, and administrative procedures across Thailand and Vietnam

  • Company registration (within 1 week): Document Requirement  Procedure
  • Import-export certification (within 15 days)
  • Bar-code certification (within 30 days)
  • Auditing and accounting services (monthly and yearly maintenance with low rate), social insurance setup
  • Legal and financial services relating to business establishment and operation in Thailand and Vietnam.


Administrative Services:

Visa and work permit into Thailand: Document Requirement       Procedure

Clearance of legal and financial issues relating to personal identification cards, residing, working, and traveling between Thailand and Vietnam, marital certificate, ownership rights, purchasing or renting of real estate properties, offices, and factories.

Business Matching:

TVC facilitates business matching, business connection, and trade partnerships among companies, producers, distributors, freighters, and purchasers across the region. It held 01 business matching meeting in 2017 between Thai trading companies of over 200 products and Vietnamese retailers. TVC business matching process is as followed:

  1. –> Order for Matching or Searching Partners (Send us an order to our email)
  2. –> Collecting Candidates (2 weeks to months)
  3. –> Match and Arrange for Signing (3 weeks-months)


TVC promoted Thai premium products that genuinely originated from Thailand and Vietnamese premium products with authentic quality to the world. We have been doing marketing for Thai agriculture, home-wares and beauty products, and Vietnam’s agricultural products.

  1. Order for products (Send us an order HERE)
  2. Notify prices (within 2 weeks)
  3. Arrange shipment (within 2 weeks to months)
  4. Concluding the deal.

See List of Thai and Vietnamese products here


  • Customized Transport: We understand how customers like their trips personalized the way they prefer them to be, we are thus there to arrange transport services, vehicles, drivers, and interpreters upon customers’ demands in Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Customized Travel: We are not a conventional tour provider, we are working on this idea to provide our customers with the best way to travel to Thailand and Vietnam safely, hilariously, and comfortably. We are there to provide information, and assistance along the way while the customers will decide on their own trip: expected budget, types of transport, places of their travel, utmost personal space, timely assistance, the free mind of cash, and foreign currency trouble and more. TVC Travel Services include:
    • Culture Travel
    • Eco Travel
    • Spiritual Travel
  • Cash Free on the Go: Money exchange and transactions across Vietnam and Thailand. Cash-free Travel and Business trips in Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Emergency Support: Immediate support for businesses and civilians who suffer losses and damages because of frauds, accidents, and legal troubles in Thailand and Vietnam. Call center support +66 803433247


TVC provides supporting services for organizations, companies, and individuals including language interpretation and translation, inbound/outbound travel, and transaction facilitation across Vietnam and Thailand with utmost flexibility and ease.

Details in English and รายละเอียดเป็นภาษาไทย

  • Provide high-quality linguistic interpretation and translation between various regional languages: English – Thai – Vietnamese – Chinese – Bahasa Indonesia – Lao – Khmer – Burmese and others. More details


1. Support for business establishment in Thailand

  • Vietnamese company on marble mining;
  • Vietnamese Restaurant in Bangkok;
  • Vietnamese home-ware producer and exporter in Thailand (registration, accounting assistance, bar-code registration)

2. Financial transactions: VND-Baht: Xx,000 USD (60 times), Xxx,000 USD (8 times)

3. Business matching:

  • Thai trading company (with 300 Thai premium producers) and Vietnamese businesses and individuals;
  • Intraco (paper import) and Thai recycled paper company;
  • Thai horticulture company and Vietnam seed and seedling provider (avocado, pomelo, apple, plum, durian)

4. Language:

  • Simultaneous interpretation at UNDOC conference on cybercrime 2017, container control and strategic trade in 2018 and 2019, Darknet 2019, Maritime Law Enforcement 2019 with attendance of Southeast Asian law enforcement agencies.
  • Simultaneous interpretation for FK Norway training in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Simultaneous interpretation on leadership training of Charoen Pokapan Plc in 2016 with attendance of (CP Group CEOs)
  • Simultaneous interpretation of product launching for Viet Jet Air in 2019 with attendance of Vietnamese Prime Minister and Thai Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Simultaneous interpretation of health system, social welfare, population for JICA with attendance of representatives from National Assembly, Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.
  • Simultaneous interpretation of hotel and hospitality industry for Hilton with attendance of Hilton owners and partners in Asia.
  • Simultaneous interpretation of medic-cosmetics and spa industry for Biologique Recherche with attendance of country managers and partners.
  • Interpretation at the Business matching session of Central Group in 2016 with attendance of Thai and Vietnamese ministers.
  • Interpretation for the Vietnam Embassy in Thailand and Vietnam Business Forum 2016 with attendance of then Vietnamese Prime Minister.
  • Interpretation support for Business Matching organized by Thai business promotion agency 2016 with attendance of Vietnamese companies.
  • Interpretation for Thai Department of Social Development and Human Security and Vietnamese Central Committee on Ethnic issues on ethnic minority policy and social policy cooperation in 2016 and 2018 with attendance of minister and department directors.
  • Interpretation with Manulife International on regional insurance business in March 2017.
  • Interpretation with Siam Cement Group on home-ware quality control at its factory in Saraburi, Thailand in May 2017, SCG Symposium on Circular Economy in 2019 with attendance of Thai Prime Minister.
  • Interpretation for UTCC University’s training of CEO Programs in 2017 and 2018 with attendance of Vietnamese CEOs

Thailand-Vietnam Business Forum 2016 with language support from TVC at Vietnamese Trade Fair at Central World (Bangkok), Thai-Viet Investor Meeting at Centara Hotel (Bangkok), Thai-Viet Business Matching, and Thai-Viet Entrepreneur Banquet.

Thailand-Vietnam Meeting of Investors 2016 with interpretation support of TVC language service

Viet – Thai Business Forum 2016 with TVC as Thai-Vietnamese-English interpretation partners

Thai-Viet inter-ministry meeting of working delegations on ethnic policy and social affairs 2016 with TVC interpretation service

UNDOC Training on Transnational Crimes 2016

Thai Trade Promotion Annual Meeting organized by DITP Thailand with participation of TVC language team

SERVICE PRICE (for reference only)

1. Language services

  • Translation services: We currently have two levels of prices including 0.1 USD USD/word (specialized contents) and 0.05 USD/word ( normal rate).
  • Interpretation services:
    • Starting at 50 USD/hour (high level) and 30 USD/hour(normal rate).
    • Overtime surcharge: 10%. Late payment fine: 20%.
  • Notary services: starting at 20 USD/page

2. Trade and transportation

  • Import and export services: starting at 150 USD/deal
  • Transport by sea Vietnam – Thailand: starting at 800 USD/container
  • Transport by road Vietnam – Thailand: starting at 4 USD/kg.
  • Car rental service: starting from 80 USD/day (North-Middle-South Vietnam) and 70 USD/day for Thailand.

3. Consultancy

  • Company registration (within 01 week): Starting price at 2,000 USD Document Requirement (VietnameseEnglishProcedure.
  • Apply for import-export certification (within 15 days). Starting price: 200 USD/set
  • Apply for bar-code certification (within 30 days). Starting price: 350 USD/set
  • Auditing and accounting services (monthly and yearly maintenance with low rate), social insurance setup. Starting price: 250 USD/month
  • Company Verification to identify companies’ legal and financial status before important business transactions in Thailand and Vietnam. Starting price: 200 USD/check
  • Clearance of legal and financial issues (formally and informally) relating to business establishment and operation in Thailand and Vietnam. Starting price: 650 USD
  • Visa and work permit. Starting price: 650 USD
  • Administrative procedures for foreigners: case by case, starting price 150 USD
  • Marital certificate and legal relationships. Starting price: 150 USD
  • Property ownership, purchasing or renting of real estate properties. Starting price: 150 USD and commission per deal.
  • Renting offices and factories for your business. Starting price: 150 USD and commission per deal.

For further details of the services, please send us an email or contact us here

*** Price is for reference. This might vary depending on the basis of timing and case by case.


TVC is designed to serve businesses, organizations, and individuals of Thailand and Vietnam for increasingly closer friendship, better understanding, sustainable development, and shared prosperity between peoples, businesses, and governmental and non-governmental organizations of Thailand and Vietnam within the ASEAN community.

We are expecting to co-operate with businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations in terms of business, language and culture, legal support, and civilian assistance in Thailand and Vietnam with a consistent outlook towards wider geographical and professional spheres.

Our previous clients:

  • IGOs and NGOs:
    • UNODC
    • IRC
  • Governmental Agencies:
    • USAID
    • Vietnam Trade Office to Thailand
    • Thai Department of International Trade Promotion
    • Thai Department of Social Development and Human Security and the Vietnamese Central Committee on Ethnic issues
  • Multinational Corporations
    • Charoen Pokapan Plc – Tập đoàn CP
    • Central Group – Tập đoàn Central
    • Siam Cement Group
    • Manulife International
    • Takeda Ltd.

Vietnamese Trade Representative Office to Thailand

CP Leaders’ Training 2016 with the participation of the TVC language team

Central Group Retail’s Thai-Viet Business Matching Session 2016 with language support by TVC Thailand

UNODC Dialogue on Maritime Security and Piracy, June 2017

TVC is and has always been, committed to working with our stakeholders to produce the best outcomes together on the road to our shared successes and prosperity.



TVC Thailand

Unique Quality, Shared Prosperity

For useful information, please refer to other official websites here

  1. Thai Department of Business Development
  2. Thai Ministry of Labour
  3. Thai Immigration Bureau
  4. Thai Stock Exchange
  5. Thai Department of International Trade Promotion
  6. Vietnamese Embassy to Thailand
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