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  • Bangkok office 🏤: 78/283 Intraview Condo Building 1, Phrayasurent 19, Bang Chan subdistrict, Khlong Samwa district, Bangkok 10510.
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Please contact our email at:


Please contact our email at:



Internship Interview with Vietnamese candidates in June 2022, Thailand



We are encouraging and well prepared for receiving and offering our best services to Vietnamese and Thai entrepreneurs in their new business ventures into Thailand and Vietnam as emerging markets and production bases of regional connectivity.

As our previous customers see, Thailand and Vietnam are regarded as potential markets for

  • product branding in the region.
  • labor market and economical production
  • cheap inputs.


BUSINESS MATCHING – searching for potential investors-distributors, investors-producers-marketers

TVC recognizes the value and importance of having a customized fit for your business. We want to provide you as our potential customers with a user-specific business matching program.

Pre-schedule meetings with relevant trade visitors to match your business through an easy-to-use platform, combined with personalized service to maximize your networking opportunities.

Benefits of the TVC Business Matching:

  • Trade visitors will be ranked in accordance with their relevance to your business
  • You will have your personal 24/7 advice, providing quick and timely assistance
  •  One-Click email access to the platform (no downloads required)

How does this platform work?

  • All trade visitors will automatically be registered for the TVC Business Matching by filling in this form Business Matching Form
  • An invitation e-mail with a personalized link will be sent to you before the business meetup
  • Only you will get to review the visitors’ profile and schedule meetings with those who are of interest to you.

2. TRADE PARTNERSHIP – searching for potential importers and exporters

  • Trading exhibition of Vietnamese premium products to Thailand:

We are calling for cooperation with ambitious Vietnamese enterprises and producers to bring Vietnam’s best quality products to Thailand as its potential market in emerging demand.

Please fill in this form to notify us of Vietnamese products.

  • Trading exhibition of Thai premium products to Vietnam:

We are calling for cooperation with interested Thai enterprises and producers to bring Thailand’s best quality products to Vietnam and regional countries.

Please fill in this form to notify us of Thai product promotion.


Urgent recruiting📚 Native/ Non-native Teacher # 🇹🇭 (Europe)
Hello teacher
Recruit teachers, a primary, a secondary school.
(Welcome for new graduates who are willing to work with Thai teachers)
Coordinates in Kampaengphet Province
Requirements: Must be able to communicate fluently in English and hold a bachelor’s degree

Start working 1st May 2023 (or little bit late)
All the works we offer are listed below.
1. Salary 35,000-40,000(negotiate) baht
2. Teach about 18-22 hours per week.
3. Work Monday-Friday 7.30-16.30 (1-hour lunch break)
4. Contract 1 year
5. Working in provinces at Kampaengphet
6. Have a willingness to work and love children
7. We assist with visa and work permit document processing.
8. Help to find accommodation, 24/7 support
7. Courses and books are provided.
8. We support cash advance as appropriate
If you are interested, please send us your CV with a short introduction video.

LINE: 924557039. Comes to be a part of PN Family.


  1. WE NEED IMPORTERS OF Thai Natural Products

A Thai distribution company on Thai premium products (around 300 products) is cooperating with us to seek interested VIETNAMESE COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS to expand their business and distribution network in Vietnam as part of their regional network in Thailand, China, and Laos.

Status: assessing and Calling for potential Vietnamese candidates

Time range: April 2017- December 2017.

The first informal meeting is scheduled for April 2017 in Bangkok (Finished). We now call for the next meetings in May and June (the schedule will be adjusted if the incoming candidates cannot meet our partner’s requirements)

Tentative schedule: HERE. Interested candidates can register: HERE (or email

Further details: 1.Overview, 2. Procedure, 3. Product samples, 4. ĐỐI TÁC FRANCHISE, 5. Wholesale, 6. Shop online


A Thai company in SOLAR PANEL production is cooperating with us to seek VIETNAMESE PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS to expand their business into the Vietnamese market.

Products: Solar panels and Solar technology

Status: assessing and Calling for potential Vietnamese candidates

Time range: March 2017- N/A.

Further details: TVC Solar

Solar Power Plant, 100KW capacity.

Feel free to contact us HERE

1.3 Recycle paper export to Vietnam with projected order of around 600-900 tons/month

สั่งซื้อนำเข้าสินค้าวัตถุกระดาษริไซเคิลดังนี้: (1) กระดาษแข็งOCC (Old Corrugated Container) ความชื้อน moisture < 5%), เป็นกระดาษแข็งคาร์ตัน 100%, ไม่ติดnylonหรือเกาพลาสติก. จำนวนจะซื้อ 600-800 ตัน/เดือน,ราคา CIF ไปท่าเรือที่ฮายฟอง (เวียดนาม)

(2) กระดาษหนังสือพิมพ์ ONP (Old Newspaper) ความชื้น< 5%, เป็นกระดาษนสพ.100%. จำนวนสั่งซื้อต่อเดือน 300-400 ตัน/เดือน, ราคา CIF ท่าเรื่อฮายฟอง (เวียดนาม)

รบกวนทางผู้มีกำลังสัมปทานสินค้าวัตถุดิบดังกล่าวติดต่อมายังทางอีเมล์ พร้อมรายละเอียดสินค้าด้วยนะครับ

LANGUAGE (บริการแปลและภาษา)

  • INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION: We need other companies and partners to do the marketing and jointly conduct high-quality document translation and event interpretation between different languages: Thai-Vietnamese-English and other regional languages.

          Feel free to contact us HERE

  • LANGUAGE EDUCATION: We are looking for partners to do the marketing and promote language education and academic publication of Thai language, Vietnamese language, and English languages.

          Feel free to contact us HERE

TVC Thailand

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THAIVIETCONNECT Limited Partnership (Company Registration No. 0113561000991) promotes our endeavors and comfortable services all across Thailand and Vietnam as well as the Southeast Asia region.

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