TVC, in cooperation with local law firms and accounting agencies, provides consulting services for foreign businesses and individuals relating to business registration, certification, trade, investment, and labor in Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Company registration (< 1 week)
  • Accounting and auditing services (monthly and annually), and social insurance, tax procedures.
  • Import-export certification (< 30 days), import and export services (EXW/FOB/CIF, Form D application, and other facilitation services)
  • FDA certification, CFS/COA Certification
  • Bar-code Registration (< 30 days)
  • Trademark registration, transfer of ownership
  • Company verification to identify companies’ legal and financial status before important business transactions in Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Visa and work permit, Business Visa
  • Legal consulting, labor contract, lease contract, distribution contract…
  • Administrative procedures for foreigners, marital certificate and legal relationships, property ownership, purchasing, or renting of real estate properties, renting offices and factories for your business.

รายละเอียดภาษาไทย คู่มือการลงทุนเวียดนาม


Business Consultancy

  • Company registration (within 1 week):

Document Requirement (VietnameseEnglishProcedure

  • Application for import-export certification (within 15 days)
  • Acquisition of bar-code certification (within 30 days)
  • Auditing and accounting services (monthly and yearly maintenance with low rate), social insurance setup
  • Company Verification to identify companies’ legal and financial status before important business transactions in Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Clearance of legal and financial issues (formally and informally) relating to business establishment and operation in Thailand and Vietnam.

Starting price


TVC provides support services for businesses, investors, and individuals in Thailand and Vietnam to fulfill their business and personal expectations relating to:

  • Visa and work permit, Business Visa
  • Administrative procedures for foreigners
  • Marital certificate and legal relationships
  • Property ownership, purchasing, or renting of real estate properties
  • Renting offices and factories for your business.

For further details of the services, please send us an email or contact us here

Business Connect

TVC, in collaboration with local partners, facilitates businesses among companies, producers, distributors, freighters, and purchasers across the region. TVC plays as a connector to bridge potential partners in the region in different partnership forms including

  • TRADE CONNECT (between exporters-importers): import-export proceedings, transportation, request for preferential tariff treatment (Form D, Form E, and other FTA framework), customs clearance.
  • INVESTMENT CONNECT (Investors – OEM factories): manufacturing certification, brand registration, bar code acquisition.
  • MARKETING CONNECT (Producers – Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers): distribution contracts, transportation, administrative procedures.

If you are looking for

  • Premium products genuinely originated from Thailand and Vietnam with the highest assurance of quality and reasonable prices to do marketing with full legal status for the interesting products.
  • Real producers from Thailand and Vietnam to manufacture your product concept into reality.
  • Potential investment in Thailand and Vietnam to manufacture, promote branding or market in new markets.
  • Potential partners in Thailand and Vietnam for expanding your business.


Feel free to contact us at or fill in these forms for quick orders:



For useful information, please refer to other official websites here

  1. Thai Department of Business Development
  2. Thai Ministry of Labour
  3. Thai Immigration Bureau
  4. Thai Stock Exchange
  5. Thai Department of International Trade Promotion
  6. Vietnamese Embassy to Thailand
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Thai Viet Connect

Unique Quality, Shared Prosperity




I planned to buy a condo in Thailand. Was wondering do anyone here know about the property tax for foreigner per year? What is the rate or percentage?


there is no general annual property tax in Thailand, but if individual owners rent out or put their property to commercial use, housing and rent tax is imposed at the rate of 12.5% yearly. However, no general property taxes imposed by the government in Thailand is a piece of good news for many. You will pay a fee on buying at the land registry office to have it put to your name usually most sellers will go 50/50 as they’re looking to sell quickly you may be able to negotiate better. You will in most cases pay a yearly maintenance fee which is usually based on sq footage of the condo. Beware make sure you know the fee upfront as some can be ridiculously expensive. Also, make sure it’s under the foreign quota for sale

It might be 0,3 to 0,03 % of the assessed property value per year. For a 36 m2 condo valued at 4 million baht, we got 10 k baht this year in one area and 1 k baht in another area of Phuket.


Application for a non-immigrant IB visa via the eVisa website from the Thai embassy in Paris? How long it will take and in which format, a PDF/doc in mailboxes or the sticker?



It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get it granted once the application online is done.



We are encouraging and well prepared for receiving and offering our best services to Vietnamese and Thai entrepreneurs in their new business ventures into Thailand and Vietnam as emerging markets and production bases of regional connectivity.

As our previous customers see, Thailand and Vietnam are regarded as potential markets for

  • product branding in the region.
  • labor market and economical production
  • of cheap inputs.


BUSINESS MATCHING – searching for potential investors-distributors, investors-producers-marketers

TVC recognizes the value and importance of having a customized fit for your business. We want to provide you as our potential customers with a user-specific business matching program.

Pre-schedule meetings with relevant trade visitors to match your business through an easy-to-use platform, combined with personalized service to maximize your networking opportunities.

Benefits of the TVC Business Matching:

  • Trade visitors will be ranked in accordance with their relevance to your business
  • You will have your personal 24/7 advice, providing quick and timely assistance
  •  One-Click email access to the platform (no downloads required)

How does this platform work?

  • All trade visitors will automatically be registered for the TVC Business Matching by filling in this form Business Matching Form
  • An invitation e-mail with a personalized link will be sent to you before the business meetup
  • Only you will get to review the visitors’ profiles and schedule meetings with those who are of interest to you.

TRADE PARTNERSHIP – searching for potential importers and exporters

  • Trading exhibition of Vietnamese premium products to Thailand:

We are calling for cooperation with ambitious Vietnamese enterprises and producers to bring Vietnam’s best quality products to Thailand as its potential market in emerging demand.

Please fill in this form to notify us of Vietnamese products.

  • Trading exhibition of Thai premium products to Vietnam:

We are calling for cooperation with interested Thai enterprises and producers to bring Thailand’s best quality products to Vietnam and regional countries.

Please fill in this form to notify us of the Thai product promotion.


WE NEED IMPORTERS OF Thai Natural Products

A Thai distribution company on Thai premium products (around 300 products) is cooperating with us to seek for interested VIETNAMESE COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS to expand their business and distribution network in Vietnam as part of their regional network in Thailand, China, and Laos.

Status: assessing and Calling for potential Vietnamese candidates

Time range: April 2017- December 2017.

The first informal meeting is scheduled for April 2017 in Bangkok (Finished). We now call for the next meetings in May and June (the schedule will be adjusted if the incoming candidates cannot meet our partner’s requirements)

Tentative schedule: HERE. Interested candidates can register: HERE (or email

Further details: 1. Overview, 2. The procedure, 3. Product samples, 4. ĐỐI TÁC FRANCHISE, 5. Wholesale, 6. Shop online


A Thai company in SOLAR PANEL production is cooperating with us to seek VIETNAMESE PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS to expand their business into the Vietnamese market.

Products: Solar panels and Solar technology

Status: assessing and Calling for potential Vietnamese candidates

Time range: March 2017- N/A.

Further details: TVC Solar

Solar Power Plant, 100KW capacity.

Feel free to contact us HERE


Thai-Viet Business Meeting (TVBM) is a unique business forum developed by Thaiviet Connect Center in close cooperation with our Thai partner companies and initial support from interested Vietnamese entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities and partnerships across Thailand and Vietnam for our shared prosperity.

TVBC is expected to be held occasionally to bring together businesses of all kinds from Thailand and Vietnam to meet each other including:

  1. Business Matching Meeting (ประชุมจับคู่ธุรกิจ): April 2017
  2. Thai Viet Potential Product launching (เสนอสินค้ามาใหม่): Not yet
  3. Business Consulting Forum (ตอบถามประเด็นธุรกิจไทยเวียดนาม): Not yet

Thai-Viet Business Connect Meeting The 1st

The TVBM 1 (ประชุมจับคู่ธุรกิจไทยเวียดนาม) was held in April 2017 which brought Vietnamese entrepreneurs and Thai companies altogether in Bangkok to discuss and study possible business cooperation in the retailing business of Thai natural products to Vietnam market. The Thai partner is the leading trading company of over 200 Thai products and is now still seeking for Vietnamese well-registered companies to be its biggest distributors in the country. The Vietnamese partners should meet these expectations:

  1. Well-registered with a certain period of business practice and high performance
  2. Having a distribution network or at least measurable good delivery capability.
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