Thai Viet Connect Center (TVC), registered in Thailand since early 2018, in cooperation with our trusted local partners, provides 03 eminent services: (1) trade; (2) business consultancy; (3) support services of language interpretationtransport and travel for our customers including international organizations, transnational businesses and individuals between Thailand and Vietnam with an outlook to reach the Southeast Asian region.

TVC was initiated back in 2016 by a group of young Vietnamese and Thai intellectuals who are professionals in the field of consultancy, language and trade service with a robust passion for value-added business for tangible outcomes, shared prosperity and enduring successes.

TIẾNG VIỆT         ภาษาไทย

Affiliated members are alumni and students from Vietnam National University, Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, Singapore National University, Srinakhrinwirot University, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Asian Institute of Technology, Rajamangala University with diversified expertise and professional skills in terms of international relations, laws, regional studies, linguistics, social and humanities, and international business. TVC has two experienced lawyers who are currently members of Thai Bar Association, more than ten senior interpreters of ASEAN regional languages working for high reputation international organizations such as United Nations, IRC, ILEA or teaching languages in top Thai universities, such as Thammasat and Silapakorn, as well as several language collaborators who are occasional interpreters and translators for international businesses, organizations, and government agencies.



TVC is the provider of 03 services: (ภาษาไทย  tiếng việt)

(1) Trade service: facilitating the import and export of premium products of Thailand and Vietnam.

(2) Vernacular language services of ASEAN region: provides interpretation and translation between English, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Lao, Burmese, Khmer for corporations, organizations and individuals and teaching services of Thai language, Vietnamese language in particular.

(3) Consultancy: facilitate business matching, assist business registration, company identity verification, accounting and auditing, paperwork, market research and other support services for businesses and individuals in Thailand and Vietnam such as administrative and legal proceedings, customized traveling and transportation, and local assistance.

TVC is not the first in the field but always committed to offer the best ideas and solutions that we and our stakeholders can make.

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