1. Business registration in Thailand:
  • Vietnamese company producing premium housewares: change of stakeholders, modification of import export certificate, barcode certification, monthly and yearly accounting and auditing.
  • Status: 2nd phase finished on 20/8/2017.

2. Business Connect:

  • A Thai distribution company on Thai premium products are cooperating with us to seeking for interested VIETNAMESE COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS expand their business and distribution network in Vietnam as part of their regional network in Thailand, China and Laos.
  • Status: assessing and Calling for potential Vietnamese candidates
  • Time range: April 2017- June 2017. The first informal meeting is scheduled on April, 2017 in Bangkok (Finished). We now call for the next meetings in May and June.
  • Tentative schedule: HERE. Interested candidates can register: HERE
  • Further details: 1.Overview, 2. Procedure, 3. Product Samples4. FRANCHISE CANDIDATES, 5. WHOLESALE CANDIDATES, 6. E-COMMERCE SHOP


  • Customer: Yui
  • Import order from Vietnam to Thailand: Avocado seed and seedlings, pomelo seedlings and apple.
  • finished: 1st shipment in August, 2nd shipment in September, 3rd shipment in October.


  1. FK Norway Workshop 11-17/8/2017
  2. Vietnamese to English: Eurocham document to Vietnamese MOH (finished) in 2017
  3. United Nation’s Interpretation: UNODC on Maritime Law Enforcement Dialogue in 2017
  4. University of Thai Chamber of Commerce: CEO Training Program on 3-410/2017 and 23-24-25/10/2017


Enquiries and further information, please send us emails to

TVC International

Towards Shared Prosperity


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