We are cooperating with various Thai and Vietnamese partners to provide business and legal consultancy, civilian support and administrative procedures across Thailand and Vietnam.

บริการให้คำปรึษาและงานกับราชการ (รายละเอียดภาษาไทย)


Major services include:

1. Business Consultancy:

  • Company registration (within 1 week)
  • Acquisition of import-export certification (within 15 days),
  • Acquisition of bar-code certification (within 30 days)
  • Auditing and accounting services (monthly and yearly maintenance with low rate),
  • Social insurance setup and HR management
  • Clearance of legal and financial issues (formally and informally) relating to business establishment and operation in Thailand and Vietnam.

2. Administrative Services: Visa and work permit into Thailand, Vietnam and problems relating to personal identification cards, visa, work permit, marital certificate, ownership, purchasing or renting of real estate properties, office and factories.

3. Business Matching: Facilitating business matching, business connect and trade partnership among companies, producers, distributors, freighters and purchasers across the region.

4. Business Assistance: Staff Recruitment, Talent hunting, HR management, Auditing and Accounting, Logistics and Transportation Facilities.

5. Event Organizationon business connect meeting, trade promotion event, Q&A session on legal counseling and civilian assistance (experimenting based on case by case)

TVC Thailand

Towards Shared Prosperity


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