The Thai Viet Connect Center (TVC) is a service company found by several young Vietnamese and Thai intellectuals and professionals in the field of business, linguistics and regional studies with robust passion for service-oriented businesses, sustainable development, equal opportunity together with practical outcomes and high efficiency.

TVC provides 3 eminent services on:

(i) consultancy and legal support;

(ii) professional and high quality linguistic interpretation and translation;

(iii) additional support for businesses, organization and individuals relating to transportation, accomodation, financial transactions across Thailand and Vietnam. TVC is not the first in the field but always committed to offer the best we and our stakeholders can do.

Prominent projects

  • Simultaneous interpretation at UNDOC conference on cyber crime
  • Civilian support program at International Rescue Committee
  • Simultaneous interpretation on leadership training of Charoen Pokpan Plc – Tập đoàn CP
  • Interpretstion at Business matching session of Central Group – Tập đoàn Central
  • Interpretation for Vietnam Embassy in Thailand – Cơ quan đại diện Việt Nam tại Thái Lan
  • Interpretation for Department of Social Development and Human Scurity – Cục Phát triển Xã hội và An ninh con người
  • Support for the establishment of (1) Vietnamese company on marble mining; (2) Vietnamese Restaurant in Bangkok
  • Money tranfer VND-Baht: Xx,000 USD (4 times), Xxx,000 USD (2 times)

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